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You just graduated from high school in Lubbock, TX, but you don't have a plan for your future. No matter where life takes you, you should be surrounded by positive and uplifting individuals who encourage you to succeed.

You'll find exactly what you're looking for at Lubbock Chapter IEC. When you join our inspiring team of electricians, we'll do everything in our power to set you up for success.
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Our Electrical Apprenticeship Services are designed to help new and existing electricians thrive. Throughout your apprenticeship, you'll gain insight and support from teachers and mentors with years of experience.

Once you've completed our apprenticeship or continuing education program, you can become an IEC member. You'll get the chance to work alongside other electricians as you continue to improve your skills.

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Lubbock Chapter IEC supports existing and future generations of electricians. You can feel confident in a partnership with us because:

  • Contractor Trade Association dedicated to the merit shop
  • Increase professionalism and training for our industry
  • We have over 42 years of experience

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